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Proper fit is ESSENTIAL....


Dancers make the impossible possible and pointe work is NO EXCEPTION.  Pointe shoes are designed to support and protect our feet, therefore proper fit is essential.  Being a former professional ballet dancer of 15 years and a ballet instructor for over 10 years, I take the job of fitting pointe shoes VERY seriously and want to ensure that every dancer feels heard and cared about.  Whether you are just beginning and getting your very first pair of pointe shoes or you are moving onto a professional company, I want you to know that we here at Swan Dancewear will do everything we can to make sure you feel confident and beautiful, because ballet is hard enough.

***When making an appointment please understand that, due to the care and attention we want to give each dancer, we ask for you to please arrive on time.  IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT TO YOUR APPOINTMENT- IN CONSIDERATION OF OTHER DANCERS- PLEASE BE SURE TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE YOUR FITTING AT LEAST 8 HOURS IN ADVANCE.  

When looking to schedule your fitting, please click the 1st Time Fitting link for dancers who have never danced en pointe before.  Please click the Repeat Fitting link for ALL other dancers.  Please note, if you want to keep using the same size and model of pointe shoe NO APPOINTMENT IS NECCESSARY, just call ahead and we will have your shoes ready to try on or purchase.  If you have scheduled a fitting but are not yet ready to purchase a pair of shoes, please be advised there will be a $35 fitting fee in lieu of purchase.





1st Time Fitting- for those getting pointe shoes for the very first time:




Repeat Fitting with Meredith- for all other dancers:

Repeat Fitting with Halle- for all other dancers:

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